Don Gino Chaka Runa

Maestro Don Gino Chaka Runa comes from Puno, the highlands of Peru and has extensive experience in working with Master Plants from the Peruvian Amazon. From the lineage of the Incas and with a grandfather who was Curandero (Yatiri or healer), Don Gino got his initiation into the knowledge of the Master Plants during his youth. His grandfather, who solely spoke Quechua and died at the age of 100, led Gino to the ancient and unique knowledge of the Andean cosmology of the three worlds: the Hanan Pacha (Higher World ruled by Kuntur), the Kay Pacha (this world ruled by Puma) and Utku Pacha (underworld ruled by the Snake).

The Maestro Don Gino Chaka Runa strongly felt the call of the Amazon and started doing dietas with Master Plant Ayahuasca. This was at the Munay Retreat Pucalpa, headed by Don Jose Campos, by whom he was further trained. By now over sixty years, Don Gino belongs among the Mestizo line Meastros.
At the beginning of this line was Don Solon Tello (Maestro from Iquitos Peru), Don Wilfredo Hojanama and Don Jose Campos (the first two already passed away).

At present, the Maestro Don Gino works in several places, including Pucalpa in the peruvian Amazon, Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.
He travels the world, for the third year now in Europe, to accompany many people in their process of transformation and healing. His honest, conscious work is performed with love, light and passion and is based on the Shipibo rituals for healing which also use the tobacco Master Plant Mapacho and the Chakapa leaves. The Mapacho plant brings male energy while the ancient healing Chakapa leaves help to cleanse the body, the aura, the etheric body and the crown. Maestro Don Gino works from the heart to bring light and healing to the people he works with to let them live to their full potential.

Don Gino Chaka Runa is trained in both the Mestizo and Shipibo traditions of Peru. His retreats are celebrated in many different countries because of the unique style, rooted in the jungle and mountains of Peru – combined with an innate passion, deep love and humbleness that drive each ceremony and a strong desire to help people in their process to heal and reconnect with their true inner being.

He will be leading Amazonian ceremonies in several continents around the world which will be held in specially selected locations surrounded by nature which facilitate healing, creativity and community.

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3 nights are optimal for deep healing, however 2 nights may also be a possibility.


An integral part of Don Gino's approach: Attendees often describe the ceremonies as profoundly positive and life changing with deep healing occurring on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Don Gino emphasizes the importance of integration. The real work happening in the period following ceremony where one applies the lessons learnt to their day to day life.
Safety is always paramount Don Gino interviews each participant prior to joining a ceremony to ensure that everyone is in a suitable physical, mental and emotional state and has prepared themselves for the journey.
The ceremonies are always followed by sharing circles to assist integration, where individuals have the opportunity to share insights from their journey.

The Plants

Using ancient knowledge and wisdom with medicinal plants sourced from the Amazon and carefully prepared with techniques passed on through tribal heritage. Don Gino uses expert skill in harvesting and preparing these sacred healing plants.

Interview with Don Gino Chaka Runa

Sacred Valley Dieta Short Documentary